About Us

Congratulations in discovering us. A brand born in London. We are in our second generation at designing and manufacturing Leather Jackets. In the 1970’s our father started with his own factory in the East End of London. Famously known as Brick Lane Tailors. That is when the word MADE IN ENGLAND could be seen on the High Streets. And all around the world, anybody and everybody wanted a British leather jacket. How manufacturing changes over time yet the want for a good real leather jacket never fades. Could it be due to our evolutionary past as hunter gatherers. When natural animal leather skin was our only protection against the elements. Natural real leather is so soft yet so durable. A well looked after leather jacket should last a lifetime and can be handed down to he next generation. Investment in a good leather jacket from us is a wise decision.
Many of our designs have become truly iconic. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about bringing unique, wonderful and exclusive designs. With years of experience in this craft we now have become trend setters. We dedicate a lot of time and thought into design. All our coats and jackets are handmade the traditional way. We have expert from designers to tailors who can take any design idea and create what is a breathtaking piece of clothing. Made in real leather, to be cherished for life.

CUSTOMJACKETS ® Registered Trademark


Unit 3
Dominion Works Fresh Water Road

Tel: 020 84326195